Pebblebrook Football Sweeps Award Honors for Region 2AAAAAAA

Region 2AAAAAAA Varsity Football Awards are in! With a total of six categories for the 2017 season, Pebblebrook completed a full sweep in each division. Including Coach Kevin Saunders being selected as the Region 2AAAAAAA Coach of the Year. Please see below for the entire list of award recipients!

Player of the Year –          Trey Pinkney (Pebblebrook)

Defensive Player of the Year-       Aquantis Sanja (Pebblebrook)

Offensive Player of the Year-        Tyler Thomas (Pebblebrook)

Coach of The Year-  Kevin Saunders Pebblebrook

First Team Honors:

LB           Michael Collins (Pebblebrook)

DB          Brandon Preston (Pebblebrook)

OL          Marvin James (Pebblebrook)

QB          Marquis Cooper (Pebblebrook)

Second Team Honors:

DL          Khalil Hudson (Pebblebrook)

DL          Nick Adu-Poku (Pebblebrook)